Refer A Friend

You could earn up to $500 when you refer your friends & family to THE BOOS REAL ESTATE TEAM who will represent and work for them to complete a deal.

Get $500 with every New Referral

Share the good news and your experience that you’ve had with THE BOOS REAL ESTATE TEAM to your friends and family and we’ll pay you $500 for each referral when the transaction completes on a purchase or sale with us. Just log on to our website at and click on refer a friend and fill in your information & your friends information and then click send. It’s a easy as that. Tell as many friends, family & colleagues who are requiring the services of a professional real estate agent whether they are looking for a property to purchase or wanting to sell. You can earn a $500.00 for every referral - some restrictions apply.

Only one referral will be paid out per transaction upon completion, so make sure that you’re the first to refer and get as many referrals in as possible.

This is not to solicit properties that are currently listed.

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